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K-Belle Consultants is excited to introduce "Just Business with Kristi", featuring Kristi Mirambell, founder and president of K-Belle Consultants, LLC. Kristi is a Louisiana- Licensed civil engineer with 14+ years of engineering experience. Kristi has faced and overcome obstacles many of us small business owners face on a regular basis for establishing one’s own company and becoming your own boss. She has welcomed several obstacles, embraced their energy, developed strong tactics, and as a result created a strong company executing purpose and growth!

Start off 2021 with Kristi as she embarks on discussing the right opportunities and guidance for you to take the reigns and successfully create and maintain your own company! Kristi understands how to succeed and is excited to share key tips and more for turning your business dream into reality!!

This past year has provided K-Belle Consultants an opportunity to be comfortable being uncomfortable. During a global pandemic, many people have discovered new things about themselves as they had to adapt to changes in their lifestyle, workplace, and economic changes. Some of them have found these adjustments overwhelming and so difficult that they have settled themselves into a state of resignation. Whether optimistic or pessimistic, perspective in 2020 is of no significance. However, these challenging times have shined a light on “Hello Now”.

Reflecting to 2008, when I established K-Belle Consultants, LLC with nothing more than determination, heart, and my belief that if I met my goals based on my vision for my new business, it would lead me to great success! I was not going to default to the status quo, the tried and thru, and be a follow the pack type of the entrepreneur. Fast-forward to 2020, as I am a successful business owner for twelve years, with years of working in the field of professional engineering and construction. I have realized a most important reality. Hard work may invite grit, but it does not always return the success one is aiming for.

However, three years before I launched my company, I had lunch with a mentor and explained to her “I am so tired of waiting to become successful”. She asked in return, “What is success to you?” During that time, I had never truly defined success for myself. I assigned successfulness as being equal to happiness. With this mentality, I then kept striving to achieve this thing called happiness. If I were happy, I must be successful, but also I could be successful without being happy, so the two words are not synonyms. During my professional development of becoming a business owner, this definition of success always alluded me, but stayed in the back of my mind. At times, I treated this definition of being a “right” or a “wrong.” The better I characterized the “right” definition, the safer I felt and thus successful.

Suddenly, one day an idea popped into my head. What if success is fluid? What if success lies within the person striving for it? This new revelation made it even harder for me to define success and treat it as a goal needing a checkmark. This epiphany ultimately allowed me to live freely and allow success to unfold as my life narrative unraveled. Thus, my professional and personal journey to success has now become enriched with purpose evolved into the proper choices that I provide for my family, myself, and K-Belle. Following this valuable knowledge of success with a purpose, I identified the importance of understanding where I am and even now it continues to work for me, with the consideration that this may not work for tomorrow or the following day, but only for today. To know if something works for you, a person must invest where they are, which is “Hello to Now”. Identifying where you are and declaring if it works for you it is empowering because you forged your own narrative. You decide the way that you want to experience your life narrative.

So Happy 2021, this is the year of “Hello to Now” and our time to declare our success with a purpose! Over the next year, I will personally discuss top issues that small businesses encounter and reach out to my personal mentors and influencers in the construction industry. My goal is to write to you in a way of enlightenment, as well as informative in hopes that this will help you identify your “Hello to Now” and understand if this is what you seek. It will inspire you to declare your success with a purpose!

- Kristi Mirambell President / Founder K-Belle Consultants, LLC

Next Month: Out With the Old and in with the New!

Discover understanding the backbones and process of bankers of large, medium, and small banking.

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