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New Orleans to Venice Hurricane

Protection System

  •  Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

  •  Construction Management Services

This project is part of the larger USACE – MVN New Orleans to Venice Hurricane Risk Reduction Project that incorporates non-federal levees to federal hurricane protection levees and incorporated two (2) separate sites, the Gulf South Pipeline site and the Siphon Pipe site. At one point, both sites were constructed at the same time. This project is one part of a system of flood control structures from New Orleans, LA to Venice, LA. Both projects were designed to tie into the following project that comprised this overall 34-mile-long levee replacement/modification project by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

K-Belle Consultants served as the prime contractor from beginning to end and provided 100% of Quality Control Assurance and Safety Personnel for complete oversight for this project. K-Belle’s QCA's duties consisted of ensuring that all contract documents were adhered to by way during daily observations and inspections. Pre-construction preparatory meetings were held prior to beginning any definable features of work to ensure all work was ready to begin. Subsequently to the preparatory meetings, initial and follow-up meetings took place between the QCA, government quality assurance personnel, and the Contractor in order to add the proper level of quality assurance to this particular scope of work. In addition, K-Belle’s QCA’s were responsible for daily safety and environmental inspections. All testing required from the contract documents was successfully coordinated, observed, and documented in the daily quality control reporting, utilizing the government online data reporting software. K-Belle’s QCA’s also assisted in reviewing and inputting monthly owner billing into the government database system. 

Gulf South Pipeline Site: This site included two (2) existing pre-loads from a previous project which were required to be degraded for the inclusion of concrete T-Walls. These T-walls were designed to incorporate active gas pipelines through the T-walls. The ends of the T-walls were constructed with embankment material and grouted rip rap.

Siphon Pipe Site: This project scope included clearing and grubbing of the area under the temporary flood protection; excavation of existing levees; drainage ditches to the cross-sections; lines and grades provided on the drawings; structural excavation and backfill for the floodwall and levee tie-ins and other work required. Embankment work included four (4) preload tie-ins; foundation preparation, construction, and the backfill of ditches and cutoff trenches. Stone Surfacing was included for the maintaining and construction of levee access roads and around the new pump station. Additional work consisted of the prevention of environmental pollution, removal, transportation, and disposal of any hazardous and/or regulated solid water generator; control of environmental pollution (air, water, land, noise, fish and wildlife); implementing and enforcing Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan through the use of silt fencing; truck wash down racks and daily monitoring; demolition and deconstruction of the (2) existing pump stations to include a steel frame building with wood frame members; timber pile supports, timber piles, fuel tank platform and piles, steel sheet pile and steel fencing. 
Part of this project scope was to modify the existing 72” siphon pipes placed underground to the Mississippi River (used to siphon high water levels of the river to the basin area on the west side) to extend through the new T-Walls and dump into a basin surrounded by sheet piling and rip rap.

Architect: N/A

Year of Completion: 2020


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